xServer .NET SDK 1.5 and DemoCenter update

PTV xServer

Add xServer functionality to your .NET applications with our new .NET SDK release or take an overview of available functions in  the DemoCenter.

The version includes

Changes and Optimizations

  • Added China and World-map support
  • Optimized tile loading and pruning
  • Toolbox installer support vor Visual Studio 2015

DemoCenter Updates

  • Setting default map to World map
  • Updated FeatureLayer samples for DemoCenter to match the current situation
  • Added Gravelpit to profile selection.
  • Added link-button to the xServer.NET forum.
  • “Reset Use cases” button resets the DataManager and FeatureLayer use case too.
  • Fix map&market .mdb-Path for ClickOnce demo.
  • Fix swapped latitude/longitude in TourPlanning demo.
  • Cleaned up TourPlanning demo code.
  • FeatureLayer is only inserted at sample use case.

PTV xServer .NET Demo Center 1.5

Several Bugfixes


The PTV xServer .NET Demo Center is part of a full-featured SDK which provides the Demo Center’s source along with other components and samples. More information on PTV xServer .NET can be found here.

DownloadA test version of the SDK is available for download via Customer Area. Please notice that you have to register online via PTV Contact form to achieve access to PTV’s customer area.


ForumIf you need further informations or support please contact the Support Team or visit our forum.