• Welcome to our new PTV xServer blog! 

    In order to provide you with even more tailored and useful information about our development and API products, we have split up the former Dev Blog into two different channels: 

    • This blog will be dedicated to PTV xServer, providing you with general information, code samples, tutorials, new features, updates, and bug fixes.

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  • New PTV Mapserver

    The new release of PTV Mapserver is now available for download in the Customer Area

    • Traffic information notification: Please be aware that, from May 05, 2020, we
      will no longer provide updates or support for live traffic messages.
      The data provider will stop any live traffic data support to this date and
      therefore we are not able to keep the traffic feed up and running.

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  • Discontinuation notice for PTV Mapserver and PTV xServer add-on Traffic Info Loader (TIL) and Traffic Message Cannel (TMC) Data

    From May 05, 2020, PTV will no longer provide updates or support for the listed traffic messages: 


    • Traffic messages from HERE based on the data format ML3 / WFS used by PTV Mapserver and PTV xServer
    • Traffic Info Loader (TIL) – all versions
    • Traffic message channel (TMC) as a component providing the location codes from HERE

    The reason for this discontinuation notice is that the data providers stopped any data support.…

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  • Discontinuation of PTV Mapserver 5.13 and PTV Maps 2018

    To ensure a smooth transition, we kindly ask you, to notice following information. PTV Group will be discontinuing PTV Maps version 2018 and PTV Mapserver version 5.13 as of 1st January 2020.

    From these dates onwards, we will no longer provide updates or support for the versions listed below.…

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