New PTV Mapserver

The new release of PTV Mapserver is now available for download in the Customer Area . This release contains following improvements:

  • Routing bug fix: New maps (2017.1 and higher) may contain vignette toll
    flags, which indicate the authorization for the associated road segments, if
    the corresponding vignette was purchased. Unfortunately this flag was
    erroneously used for the toll distance calculation (sum of length for all
    roads with toll costs) too. This bug is fixed.
  • Routing enhancement: For toll cost calculation the new Belarusian ruble
    currency is added to the set of known currencies.
  • Rendering bug fix: New maps (2016.2 and higher) may contain roads with the
    new road type called “unpaved road”. Without this PTV Mapserver update, they
    are drawn in default green (#0000FF). This color is corrected to a toned-brown.

Any further questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our PTV Support Team.