PTV xServer now available

PTV xServer service release is available now!


It contains several Bugfixes and Improvements, the Highlights of the Version are:

PTV xRoute Server: :

  • Performance improvement of route calculation by using a better caching of feature layers.
  • Performance improvement of route calculation, when feature layers are installed but not enabled.
  • Fixed the calculation of the route distance, when using fuzzy waypoints with a radius that is smaller than the length of the linked segment.
  • Fixed that in case of using the parameter IS_LOCAL_TIME_AT_LOCATION, the time zone for time-dependent toll calculation was not set correctly.

PTV xMap Server:

  • Performance improvement of map rendering, when feature layers are installed but not enabled.

PTV xTour Server:

  • The move SwapAB in the improvement step is now deactivated as the expected low impact on the results does not justify the significant longer runtime.

See the Release Notes for more details.

The PTV xServer can be downloaded from the customer area Downloadof the PTV Developer Zone. If you need further information or support please contact the Support Team.