• Toll update for Belgium and Austria available


    • This scenario includes the toll charges from January 2018, for trucks from a maximum authorised mass over 3.5 t in the three Belgian regions: Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels. Toll roads include motorways, additional main roads and the local road network in Brussels.

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  • Toll update for Poland available


    • New toll roads: S, DK
    • New tariffs for A2, A4. This scenario replaces the previous ‘Poland 2016’ scenario.

    Concerned maps

    • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2017.2T
    • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2017.2H
    • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2017.1T
    • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2017.1H

    You can¬†download it from the customer area of the PTV Developer Zone or use automatic update¬†with the PTV Content Update Service.…

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