Toll calculation for Europe

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More and more countries are launching their own new toll charging systems For example, also Romania is going to implement a toll system in 2011. Toll calculation is quite challenging since there is a big variety of different road user charging systems in different countries or even different charging systems within one single country.

One type of  system works on  section based road user charges like Toll Collect GmbH realized for  trucks in Germany. In this case each road section has its own certain price depending on the vehicle characteristics (e.g. Emission Class).

In France, we have so called open and closed toll systems for cars and trucks, while we have some kind of flat-rate charge in other countries like in Switzerland for example.

Special even time dependent toll prices for certain roads like Brennerautobahn or Öresundbridge have to be paid as well as city toll like Stockholm Congestion Tax in Sweden.

All of these different toll systems have to be taken into account in order to calculate the exact toll cost for each route.

Be it map&guide or PTV xRoute Server, PTV Technology includes all these different parameters to obtain exact toll prices. Toll data for many European countries like Germany, Austria, Sweden, Italy and France among others are recognized for the calculation of toll costs.

To be always up-to date about the latest news concerning toll systems in Europe, we have established our own toll data department. Our toll experts are always well-informed about the current toll systems and even of the toll systems to be established in the near future.

With our new approach of scenario based toll calculation, we will have also the possibility to calculate prognostic toll costs for toll systems which will be modified or newly imposed in the near future.

With this new feature PTV will be able to calculate toll prices in an unprecedented accuracy for today and even for tomorrow.

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