PTV xLocate Server is ready for download

Dear all,

just in time you can release the current PTV xLocate Server together with the other PTV xServer product family. Following release is yet downloadable at PTV Developer Zone/CustomerArea in case of valid access:

  • PTV xlocate Server version (linux-x64/x86-preview)
  • PTV xlocate Server version (win-x64/x86-preview)

Following improvements can be expected:

New Feature: A first 64-bit preview xLocate version is available.
Improvement: Updated 3rd party components such as Apache Tomcat to 
             current versions.
Improvement: The documentation and management console come with the 
             new PTV group layout.
Improvement: The Score.TotalScore is now calculated using result-
             fields Town.Classification, PostalCode.Classification, 
             and Street.Classification. Each classification is mapped
             to a value. The sum of these values is divided by the 
             maximum reachable value for this result address. It is 
             displayed as a percentage. Due to this change, the 
             sorting order of some results may be different.
Improvement: New search indices were introduced in order to allow to 
             find all street directories for a given town or postcode.
             This improves the result quality especially in USA. 
Improvement: The determination of the postcode classification ignores
             word separators. Therefore the total score increases if 
             you request wrong white spaces in the postcode input. 
             Furthermore, the extra info 'MatchingPostalcodeDigits' 
             ignores wrong white spaces in the postcode input. If an 
             extended postcode result has empty data in town and 
             street fields, these fields are considered as exact.
Improvement: A new switch named ExtensiveSearch has been introduced, 
             which bypasses early filtering of candidates by internal
             score. This way more candidates can reach the pareto 

Kind regards
Dr. Michael Nutto
Product Manager PTV XSERVER

By Dr. Michael Nutto

Solution Director for PTV xServer. Responsible for the strategy of PTV xServer. I'd like to discuss market trends and requirements with our partners and end customers. Therefore, feel free to contact me about my published blogs.