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The use of social media through the internet has led to a rethinking of marketing strategies for companies. In particular Web 2.0 is enabling users to provide information to other consumers via a wide range of media. The internet is thus used as a platform for social networking. Channels of communication are created for uploading data and making it available to the general public for further use. Here, the speed at which information is spread and how up to date it is plays a crucial role in influencing the public. New communication media are being created to exchange information and opinions.


Web services are being developed which in turn use individual services to process, link and pass on their information. The result is a system of networked services that enables users to participate in the formation of opinions on the internet. In this process, the focus is more on content than on the people involved. Thanks to the ease of use of the Web 2.0 interface, the public at large are able to participate and exert greater influence. The power of these developments can now be harnessed by companies to perform targeted marketing via individual social media. A wide variety of social media types has developed, for providing all types of information (e.g. blogs, pictures, videos, music and films). This is contributing to the rapid success of the social networking of people and companies. The activities of the community are influenced by various media types, from Wikipedia through to blogs, social networks (e.g. Facebook or Google+), business networks (e.g. XING or LinkedIn) and platforms for uploading videos and photos (e.g. YouTube or Flickr).

PTV also uses this variety to offer its customers an optimal platform for spreading information and opinions.

Here the focus is on enabling prompt and comprehensive exchange of information with customers. This is uncomplicated when done via media that are also used in everyday life. The age of one-sided provision of data and information is over and that is a good thing!
How can our customers enter into discussion with PTV? The first step has already been taken by reading this blog entry and you now have the opportunity to send a response directly. 😀

PTV enables participation in the following platforms:

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 We also offer services for the entire life cycle of our products

PTV_xServer_Services Customer support, technical and conceptual integration consulting and product training. Reliable and competent support on technical and user questions on our products and system solutions. Our experts will keep your applications running smoothly with e-mail support, webinar sessions and remote maintenance. Visit services overview site …

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We look forward to your active participation in the social network of the PTV Group. In this way, you have the opportunity to influence our product development. Discuss with the PTV experts or colleagues from your industry. Take this opportunity to share your suggestions with us or discuss technical contributions. A complete overview of the various options for obtaining and/or sharing information can be found in the Developer Zone.


By Dr. Michael Nutto

Solution Director for PTV xServer. Responsible for the strategy of PTV xServer. I'd like to discuss market trends and requirements with our partners and end customers. Therefore, feel free to contact me about my published blogs.