Fresh from the press: New feature layer for North America

PTVxRouteServerSince PTV xRoute Server 1.17 our new technology feature layer is available. It was designed and developed for an easy use of varied data content in the context of route planning.

We just uploaded the new feature layer data for PTV North America City 2014N. To download the data, please visit the PTV Developer Zone customer area, section “Product Download / Feature Layer”. There you will find the following layers:

  • Time Zones FL: Time zones information (prerequisite for all time dependent feature layer like Traffic Patterns FL)
  • Preferred Routes FL: Road networks to be prioritized (e.g. for trucks with special loads or heavy vehicles)
  • Traffic Patterns FL: Time dependent speeds of road networks (computed from historical traffic statistics)

More different feature layers and the data for PTV Europe City Map will follow in the future.