Brand-new maps and content for Europe available

sandbox_overviewFor Europe we produce twice a year new maps (from a PTV xServer point of view the main release in autumn and the intermediate release in spring). As nature blooms there is now the intermediate release of our Europe maps for the year 2014 available:

  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2014.2H
    This map is mainly based on the raw data provider HERE (“H”). Up to now you know this map as “N” (NAVTEQ). As the data provider introduces the new brand HERE, we also change the name of the map from now on.
  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2014.2T
    This map is mainly based on the raw data provider TomTom (“T”).

KarteA lot of content like speed limits or toll is already part of the maps, but some content is not included. Please note that we deliver this content separately:

  • POI Data
    This content comprises geographical objects like hotels, restaurants or petrol stations.
  • Truck Attributes
    This content allows a truck specific routing e.g. to consider the size, weight or loaded cargo of the truck.
  • Traffic Patterns
    This content represents traffic flows during the day e.g. to consider the rush hour in the morning and evening. You can download the traffic patterns form the customer area of the PTV Developer Zone.

The delivery of the PTV maps and content depends on your license agreement. This applies especially for the intermediate release of the maps. In case of any doubts please contact your sales representative.