Are you .NET fan? Discover our new PTV xServer.NET 1.4

PTV_MapserverPTV xServer .NET is an SDK which adds PTV xServer functionality to .NETclient applications. The new version of the PTV xServer .NET SDK 1.4 comes along with new controls and demo use cases.

Here are the highlights of the new version:

  • New interface IToolTips, which can be implemented by layers, to provide textual
    information around a dedicated location (commonly the mouse position). The UntiledLayer class implements this interface.
  • The layer responsible for showing content of Web Map Services is integrated into the Ptv.XServer.Controls.Map.dll. It allows re-projections of returned images to achieve a matching of the content provided by accompanying layers.
  • New Demo Center use cases, which are also available by the click-once-demo from and demonstrate the usage of PTV Feature Layers: By means of this tool, street attributes can be activated for route calculation and shown in the map. Five different types are integrated by this use case, eventually restricted by the availability in the used map: Traffic incidents, Truck attributes, Preferred routes, Restriction zones and Speed patterns


The PTV xServer .NET Demo Center is part of a full-featured SDK which provides the Demo Center’s source along with other components and samples. More information on PTV xServer .NET can be found here.

A test version of the SDK is available for download via CustomerArea. Please notice that you have to register online via PTV Support form to achieve access to PTV’s customer area.

By Hannah Esswein

Technical Product Manager for PTV xServer