Integration of Satellite Images

PTV exclusively provides two-dimensional satellite imagery hosted by HERE. In combination with PTV maps, the satellite images visualize a detailed landscape view. These images are available for several continents such as Europe, North America and Australia.


HERE’s license agreement

To get access to HERE you need to have an evaluation or an enterprise license key which are provided by PTV. Please contact your sales contact partner.

  • Evaluation: 90-day license limited to non-commercial, internal evaluation of satellite Map-Logoimagery
  • Enterprise: The enterprise keys are available for commercial and non-commercial applications

For detailed information, please read the terms and conditions of HERE

Setting Credentials

First you have to supply the HERE credentials in your web-application to obtain the 2D satellite images. Following elements have to be acquired before:

Element Description
 app_id  Insert your App_Id provided by PTV (evaluation or enterprise key)
 app_code  Insert your App_Id provided by PTV (evaluation or enterprise key)
URL app_id = Your App_Id&app_code = Your App_Code


Using PTV´s test page:

In order to open the test page, the valid evaluation or enterprise license key is obligatory. The following test page is enabled to validate the key. Visit the HERE Satellite Sample and follow the instructions.