Driver Regulations for Australia

Lenk-und-RuhezeitenThrough the PTV xServer 1.20.1 Release, driving and rest times according to the Australian law are now available in PTV xRoute Server. Trips can now be planned with these time restrictions, providing the most realistic estimated time of arrival

Australian law

The laws apply to trucks with a weight of over 12 tonnes and to buses with more than 12 seats, including the driver. There are three options for maximum work time and minimum rest time to choose:

  • Standard Hours: Basic work and rest time limits
  • Basic Fatigue Management (BFM) : More flexible work hours linked to accreditation
  • Advanced Fatigue Management: Individual work hours linked to accreditation

But only Standard Hours and BFM are practically used. And because of the fact that these both options only differentiate after one week and our TimeCalculator for Australia counts weekly, there is no difference in the implementation and therefore only Standard Hours are used in the PTV xRoute Server. But in general that doesn’t cause any influence.

Standard Hours


Standard Hours set out maximum work and minimum rest time. The whole driving time and any other task related to the operation of a heavy vehicle belong to work time. Everything else is counted as rest time. The time is always counted as 15 minutes intervals.

Time restrictions:

Any period of this duration Should not exceed this working period But contain at least this many Rests of this duration
5,5 h 5,25 h 1 0,25 h
8 h 7,5 h 2 0,25 h
11 h 10 h 4 0,25 h
24 h 12 h 1 7 h
168 h (7 d) 72 h 1 24 h
336 h (14 d) 144 h 4x „night rest breaks“, with 2x on following days

Differences to Europe

There are already Driver Regulations for Europe in the PTV xTour Server available and the implementation for Australia is based on the implementation for Europe. There are only differences because of the different laws according to the Driver Regulations. Without going into details, there are for example different regulations according to the maximum of daily and weekly working periods and the frequency of breaks they have to take.

Driver Regulations can be set with the method calculateAdvancedTour in regulations of the TourOptions and If you want to test the driver regulations I recommend you our Code Sample Browser.