New PTV Mapserver release


The new release of PTV Mapserver 5.11 is now available for download in the Customer Area . This release contains following improvements:

  • Geocoding improvement: A new property is introduced which sets the number of leading characters that are not used for fuzzy search. Due to performance reasons, the first and second characters are not used for fuzzy search. So, typos in these characters are not handled by this search. If performance is not of major interest, the property NumberOfLeadingNonFuzzyCharacters can be set to 0 (or 1) to avoid this limitation.
  • Geocoding improvement: A new column erpMatchingLevel is introduced in the
    result set of method IGeocode::FindCoordinates(). The corresponding value for
    each result entry indicates the data level, which was responsible for finding
    this result. For example, a matching level = 11 indicates a finding via road  intersection
  • Common improvement: CodingInfo.ini used by the CodingTool object, is updated
    by additional currencies (for example Mexican peso), and by removed legacy
    currencies like Latvian Lats, which is replaced by Euro.

Any further questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our PTV Support Team.