PTV India City Map 2016 map-setup released


As of now the map/map-setup PTV India City Map 2016 (HERE 2016.Q2) is released for the following products:

  • PTV xServer
  • PTV Mapserver
  • PTV Smartour 2016.2


  • New state ind-tg (state Telangana)
  • Truck Attributes FL are available for 27 states
  • Dynamic Traffic Information (TMC Tables) is available for ind-dd (state Daman and Diu)
  • Traffic Patterns FL is available for ind-dd (state Daman and Diu)

Available contentfeaturelayer

  • POIs (xServer)
  • POIs (Mapserver)
  • Time Zones Feature Layer
  • Traffic Patterns Feature Layer
  • Truck Attributes Feature Layer

TheĀ Feature Layer content is included in the map-setup by default. You can get the other contents separately (e.g. via Product Management, Dev-Zone or product-setup).
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