PTV xServer 2.3 available now

We proudly present our PTV xServer 2.3.0 release with eight services in total. The well-known geographic services xMap, xLocate, xRoute and the logistics services xDima, xCluster, xTour, xLoad made significant further progress. In addition we offer  the emergent new service xData which will enable you to request data directly from the map.


For details about the services you find the corresponding release notes here.

Some highlights are:

  • xLocate
    • xLocate now allows to search for addresses using structured input (aka multi-field) (This feature is experimental, that means API changes my occur in the future).
    • Search for locations by a list of addresses is now possible (aka bulk geocoding). (This feature is experimental, that means API changes my occur in the future).
  • xRoute/xDima – Geographic restrictions allow and prohibit countries and continents consideration during the route calculation.
  • xTour
    • Planning horizons can now be considered.
    • There are now parameters to limit the maximum travel and driving time of a tour.
  • xLoad – Converted from experimental to productive usage.
  • xCluster – Beside the free CBC solver the commercial Gurobi solver can be used to improve performance.

For on-premise solutions you can download the latest version from the Developer Zone.

For cloud solutions we provide a test system based on this release. It contains the PTV xServer 2.3 release plus all future and finished changes for the next release:

Some notes:

  • The PTV xServer 2 requires a 2017.1 map or newer.
  • The corresponding geocoding data for on-premise solutions is on request. It is not included in the map. This is required for running xLocate. (The data is only available for PTV Europe City Map 2017.1 and 2017.2 from HERE). On the other hand this data is installed for cloud solutions.
  • The test system on PTV xServer internet has PTV Europe City Map 2017.2 (HERE) installed. A productive system is planned for October.

By Isabel Honikel

Senior Technical Product Manager