New PTV xServer Release available!

We proudly present our new PTV xServer release. For details about the services you  find the corresponding release notes here.

Here are some feature highlights of API version 2.8:

  • Framework
    • Support of Toll Updates via CUS2 and CUS2 Adapter for PTV xServer 1.26. We highly recommend the usage of CUS2 to receive Traffic Information and Toll Updates.
  • xLocate
    • Geocoding Data is now available for the Europe City Map 2018.2H
    • Support of additional address fields “district” and “subdistrict”
    • Possibility to change the result language in the request
  • xMap
    • Adjustments of the default rendering settings of Feature Layer Traffic Incidents and Truck Attributes to better distinguish between those layers
  • xRoute
    • Introduced violation events for combined transport (ferries and piggybacks)
  • xData
    • Possibility to Create “Content Snapshots”. Filter only long term traffic information like blockings or construction sites and consider them in Dima and HPRND calculation
  • xTour
    • Create a trip out of a set of unplanned orders
    • Optimize the sequence of stops within a trip

For on-premise solutions you can download the latest version from the Developer Zone.

For cloud solutions we provide a test system based on this release. It contains the PTV xServer API version 2.8 release plus all future and finished changes for the next release:

Some notes:

  • The PTV xServer API version 2.x requires a 2017.1 map or newer.
  • The corresponding geocoding data for on-premise solutions is on request. It is not included in the map. This is required for running xLocate. (The data is available for PTV Europe City Map and with this release also for the PTV North America City Map from HERE).
  • PTV xServer internet (test and productive system) provides  PTV Europe City Map 2018.1 (HERE). The update to 2.8 on the productive system is scheduled for 30th of July 2018.

By Isabel Honikel

Senior Technical Product Manager