JAVA – “wind of change” wasn’t just an early 90’s thing

From the beginning of time PTV included Oracle JAVA Runtime Environment (JRE) in xServer. Oracle now changed its license policies and any updates for commercial use are only available with a paid subscription.
This marks a severe change for PTV especially in the xServer context. We want to be as flexible as possible and want to provide our customers a reliable, easy to maintain product.
Our learning from this was, we don’t want to be dependend on one particular JRE provider, but rather work with standard functionality, which is fulfilled by a number of providers.

What will happen?

Starting with the upcoming xServer Versions 1.28 and 2.12, PTV will not ship a JAVA JRE within its xServer products anymore. Instead it relies on a JAVA JRE provided by the operating system environment.

What are the advantages?

  • PTV Customers are not limited to a specific JAVA distribution – reducing potentional license fees.
  • You might just use an already installed JRE – reducing the number of JAVA Versions running on your System.
  • The Server can install security updates for JAVA independent of xServer releases keeping your system security up to date.

What will NOT change?

  • xServer will work just the same – it still uses JAVA to provide its services.
  • xServer Internet will take care of that issue for you.
  • Your integrations doesn’t need any ajustments and will still work and react the same.
  • The xserver performance will be comparable to an integrated JRE – no change in any direction is to be expected.

Things to consider

  • Since a JAVA RE is an additional xServer system requirement, you need to take care of that – just like any other JAVA depending software. But we worked hard to make it as simple as possible.

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