PTV xServer internet update – postponement SSL certificate renewal

The SSL certificate on the PTV Europe City Map prod system (TomTom) with API Version will be postponed to Monday, August 24th 2020.
We had to roll back the system yesterday afternoon because the PTV_PreferredRoutes layer was missing.

On Monday, August 24th 2020
together with the certificate update we will perform the map update to:
PTV Europe City Map 2020.2T including the Feature Layer PTV_PreferredRoutes
PTV xServer Version 1.28 remained the same as before
Please test your application and report any problems immediately.

The renewal of the SSL certificate may require your action, if you donĀ“t have the master certificate included in your certificate storage.
Please see our
PTV Developer Blog post for more information about SSL certificate updates.

By Isabel Honikel

Senior Technical Product Manager