PTV xServer Version 2 – OS requirement update for Linux hosts

We are now working on the upcoming xServer Version 2.23.
These version is the first containing compiler updates for Windows and Linux.

On windows Systems, there are no updated requirements, since the xServer2 compiled with VC16 is backwards compatible.

Running PTV xServer2 on a Linux host, there is the following to consider:

The PTV xServer2 compiled with gcc 9.3 is not backwards compatible to older Linux systems anymore.

We build and test the PTV xServer2 on Ubuntu 20.04 and therefore also recommend to use this.
PTV xServer 2.23 and following require gcc 9.3 with a 5.4.0 kernel running on Ubuntu 20.04. 

Since our current PTV xServer2 already on Ubuntu 20.04 you can do a system upgrade anytime before upgrading your xServer.