Update on Layer Delivery Service (LDS) for PTV Content Update Service

featurelayerThe new release of the Layer Delivery Service (LDS) replaces the previous version delivering the Feature Layer Traffic Incidents and Toll updates. The LDS supplys this data via Content Update Service (CUS) into the products automatically. But with the update there is something to take care of:

Please check your Content Update Service (CUS) version. If you use CUS or 2.8 and later there ist nothing to do.
Otherwise please update you CUS to or 2.8 and later.
From this versions on the connection to the LDS will be automatically refreshed.

For all older CUS versions, the CUS has to be restarted manually to refresh the connection to LDS. This has to be done with every LDS update and should only be used as a short term solution until the update to the newer CUS version is done.

The old version of LDS will be disabled on Thursday September 30th 2021. All content update service instances need to be updated or restarted until then or do no longer get Feature Layer Traffic incidents updates.

The CUS Version 2.8 can also be used with PTV xServer API Version 1 when using the PTV CUS xServer1 Adapter.

The PTV Content Update Service 2.8 and the respective PTV CUS xServer1 Adapter can be downloaded from the customer area of the PTV Developer Zone (login required).

For any further information or support please contact the Support Team.

By Isabel Honikel

Senior Technical Product Manager