PTV xServer internet update – PTV World City Map [TomTom] with API Version 1 – re-scheduled

We would like to inform you that we rescheduled the maintenance on the PTV World City Map [TomTom] production cluster with API Version 1 to October 12th 2021.
We will do the maintenance between 10 am and 12 noon UTC+2.

The following tasks were completed in the scope of this maintenance:

  • Operating system change from Windows Server to Ubuntu Linux
  • PTV xServer update to version 1.32.
  • Map update from PTV World City Map 2021.1T to PTV World City Map 2021.2T

With the last update on the PTV Europe City Map cluster some of the customers had problems after the update.
Therefore, we kindly ask you to please test your application on the test and integration system and report any problem immediately to our product support

pre-calculate your distance matrices on the already updated test / integration cluster. This cluster will become the new production cluster on the update day.

On the update day we offer you a fallback. We provide the old production system with windows operation system and old map version under the integration URL:  
We will keep this fallback system until all customers could be migrated to the new production. If you need to use the fallback to the old production via integration URL, please inform us via support.xServer We than will find a solution together with you to migrate to the new production asap.




By Isabel Honikel

Senior Technical Product Manager