PTV xServer 2.26 released

The new PTV xServer API version 2.26 is available! This is the first release this year with more than 60 (!) changes. And these are the highlights:

  • General
    • Update of several third-party components including Log4j
  • xRoute
    • Simple way to prohibit map segments by specifying intersecting polylines (also xDima)
    • Usage of your own exchange rates for toll prices (also xDima)
    • Support for HBEFA 4.2 emission calculation
    • Support for ISO 14083 emission calculation (experimental)
    • Support for emission calculation with alternative drivetrains like electric or hybrid (experimental)
    • Simple way to compare the travel time with and without live traffic on the same route
  • xTour
    • Support for the US driving time regulation from 2020 (also xRoute)
    • Support for configurable working hours (also xRoute, experimental)
    • Support for multiple quantity scenarios
    • More flexibility to configure once-per-stop service time

If you are interested in the full list of features and improvements, you can check the corresponding release notes here. Please note that the PTV Content Update Service 2.26 is also available including the update of several third-party components.

For on-premise solutions you can download the latest version from the PTV xServer Customer Area: (login and license required)

For cloud solutions we provide a test and production system based on this release. The PTV World City Map test cluster already contains the PTV xServer API version 2.26 release.

The production system of PTV xServer internet will be updated following this schedule:

  • 17.05.22: Productive system hosted in Europe
  • 18.05.22: Productive system hosted in US
  • 26.05.22: Productive system hosted in Australia

Check the Cluster Overview page to get more information about existing PTV xServer internet deployments.