Detailed Toll Update Belgium

We activated the updated detailed toll layers for Belgium referenced to 

PTV Europe / World City Map Premium 2024.1H
PTV Europe / World City Map Premium 2024.2H



Scenario 5: valid from July 1st 2024

This scenario includes the toll charges for trucks from a maximum authorised mass over 3.5 t in the three Belgian regions: Wallonia,
Flanders and Brussels. New toll rates valid from 1st July, 2024 for all trucks in Flanders and Brussels. Motorways, other main roads
and the local road network in Brussels are subject to tolls. Toll charges are calculated based on kilometre factors and depend on
road type and further depend on the emission class and total weight of the vehicle. Electric vehicles are free of charge also in Brussels region now (as it has been in Flanders).

The detailed toll is released for PTV xServer from version 2.30.