• One Week left!!

    There is only one week left when we will proudly present you our PTV xServer 1.20.1 release. The Webinar takes place next Tuesday at 2:00 PM CET.

    At the webinar we will not just explain you the new features of the 1.20.1 release, but also there will be many demos where you will discover how these features look like.…

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  • Why we use Bryntum Siesta to test PTV Map&Guide internet

    Testing without Siesta

    When we first introduced tests to our deployment process we just did frontend testing using Selenium. The method was quite sufficient to guarantee a basic level of quality assurance and provides good automation features.

    Inspired by a talk on the enterJS conference we decided to do more unit testing then.…

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  • Discover the new features of PTV xServer 1.20.1 in our next webinar!

    You are very welcome to participate in our next webinar where you could be one of the first who experience live the new features of our PTV xServer 1.20.1 release.

    – Why should I join?

    PTV xTerritory Server:

    • You will experience how incompatibilities can be included in the territory planning when it is not recommendable to assign certain locations to specific territories
    • You will get to know the new function that provides a quick way to estimate the route travel times within a territory
    • You will learn about the new activity limits for territory planning

    PTV xMap Server:

    • You will discover the new possibility of displaying Truck Attributes and Traffic Incidents

    PTV xRoute Server:

    • You will see the expansion of the emission calculation which is now also available for the UK and Australia

    For more detailed information, you can click here.…

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  • Blog Series about Emissions starting on Wednesday

    Tomorrow, we will start our blog post series about Green Logistics focusing on emissions.

    “As both politics and transport companies are forced to act, having an eye on the carbon footprint of logistics services is more important then ever.”

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  • Meet our expert at Retail Summit 2015

    Krzysztof Piotruk, Business Development Manager Logistics Software at PTV Group


    PTV Group will be exhibiting at Retail Summit 2015 in Warsaw 18-19 March.

    Come and see us! We will demonstrate PTV Smartour and other PTV’s logistic software solutions – as PTV xServer 🙂

    Krzysztof Piotruk is looking forward to meeting you.…

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  • Don’t miss our PTV xServer webinar tomorrow!

    Tom orrow at 3:00 PM CET we will proudly present you our PTV xServer 1.20 release.

    Here are four reasons to join us tomorrow:

    • You will get a glance at our brandnew PTV xServer scenarios: Loading Space Optimization and Cluster Planning
    • You will see the enhancements in routing and mapping achieved through our new feature layers Truck Attributes and Traffic Incidents
    • You will get to know our Data Manager for PTV xServer internet
    • You will learn about the emission calculation with HBEFA 3.2

    So use the chance to get informed and register now. …

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