• Use your brain and think about it…

    Well, after one month of xRadio (thanks for your participation) it’s time for me to review: we have seen several cool extensions and there were a lot of challenging questions about the components but also about how to broadcast things. For me it’s fun to demonstrate the interfaces via web but my goal is to get you!…

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  • xRadio meets RoadEditor

    Ugh ugh ugh! Yesterday was TrafficInformation (thanks to Rainer!). Next Tuesday (24.08.2010) will be RoadEditor day within xRadio!
    Here is the agenda:
    map&guide 2010 roadeditor + PTV xServers (60 min)

    • Categories of segment attributes
    • How to maintain segment attributes within map&guide professional 2010
    • How to enable the road editor layer (database) within xRoute
    • How to export the layer into a binary file
    • How to display binary RE layer within xMap

    Feel free to join my presentation online.…

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  • xradio – next session : traffic information on august, 17th, 15:00-16:00 cest, session ID = 885862

    Wow, it is a great pleassure for me to announce the next xradio session. The topic is integration of traffic information into xroute and xmap. Feel free to join us via Netviewer. Here is the agenda…

    • Basic System Architecture
    • Setting up the Environment
    • Visualizing Traffic Information
    • Traffic Info based Routing

    Further information is available at the developer zone “xradio” subpage.…

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  • Silverlight is cool!

    Last friday we provided a fabulous websession with one of my favourite buddies here at PTV. Oli did show amazing mapping interfaces based on our xMapServer in combination with Microsoft’s Silverlight. Well, even though I’m placed right in front of the source I was very surprised about the large scope of interaction that is possible with that!…

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