• Toll Data Update and Update Tool for PTV MapServer

    We developed a new Toll Update Tool which helps you to easily update the toll data of your maps. This update tool can be used for standard toll updates as well as for variable toll updates.

    Please consider first the ReadMe file to know how you can use the tool.…

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  • Toll Update PTV MapServer

    Toll data update for PTV MapServer also available for download.

    Changes in toll information:

    • France: new tariff since 01.08.2011

    Toll update for

    • PTV Europe City Map Premium 3/2010t – NQ and
    • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2011.2aN

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  • Do you know the PTV Developer Forum?

    PTV xServer Forum – PTV MapServer Forum – PTV Navigation Forum

    Describe your experience and communicate with other developer. Subscribe topics or discussions in the forum – this will notify you via email whenever a new posting is created!…

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  • PTV MapWare Conference

    The User Group Meeting concerning the PTV Developer and Partner Solutions

    For the sixth time PTV customers and partners will meet in Karlsruhe to share ideas regarding the PTV Developer Components (German conference). Guests, technical consultants and product managers will discuss their practical experience.…

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  • PTV MapServer Update

    A new PTV MapServer version is available in the PTV DevelopersZone. The version number is:

    Changelog information within the PTV DevelopersZone Forum: http://www.developer.ptv.de/index.php?id=108 > PTV MapServer Forum > Miscellaneous…

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  • PTV MapServer SDK 5.6: Registry-Free installation – avoid a DLL-hell!

    All ancient PTV MapServer versions result in a registry-based integration of the PTV MapServer-COM-DLLs. When the installation is complete, the new PTV MapServer version is also available to all other applications using it – many customers maintain a map&guide and an own developed application on their own system.…

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