• Welcome to our new PTV xServer blog! 

    In order to provide you with even more tailored and useful information about our development and API products, we have split up the former Dev Blog into two different channels: 

    • This blog will be dedicated to PTV xServer, providing you with general information, code samples, tutorials, new features, updates, and bug fixes.

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  • PTV xServer .NET SDK 1.6 is now available for API Version 1 and 2

    Easily add PTV xServer functionality to your .NET applications with our new .NET SDK release. The new.NET SDK 1.6 is now compatible with PTV xServer API version 1 and 2, unfortunately the DemoCenter is still only available for API version 1.

    Changes and Optimizations

    • Added support for integration of XMap2 Layers including Feature Layers
    • Added support for integration of Web Map Tile Services (WMTS)
    • Optimized tile caching and pruning
    • The InifiniteZoom property (to avoid jitter at deep zoom levels) is now set to true by default.

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