• PTV xServer service release – now available

    PTV xServer service release is available now!

    Besides some bugfixes in PTV xLocate and xRoute, the main reasons for this release are:

    • Retry mechanism for failed module restarts to gain more stability
    • Support of the updated French decree for emissions

    See the Release Notes for more details.…

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  • Missed our Webinar? Recording is available now

    You missed our webinar about the PTV xServer 1.20.1 release?
    You want to know more about PTV xTerritory and Emission Calculation? You want to see some fancy demos?

    Have a look at the recorded session:

    Thanks to all attendees! If you have any further questions.…

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  • Blog Series Emissions #summary

    Our Emission Wednesdays have come to an end. How did you like our blog series? Got an idea of emissions and their calculation with PTV xServer?

    If you are interested in further information, we collected all important links for you:

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  • Blog Series Emissions #3b Carbon Reporting

    In our last post you learned about carbon reporting with PTV xRoute and comprehensive approaches. Today, we focus on factor-based approaches and their calculation with PTV xRoute.

    Factor-based approaches contain emission factors but no consumption values.…

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  • Blog Series Emissions #3a Carbon Reporting

    After presenting the different Carbon Calculation standards and approaches in our last post, we will now see how to generate specific Carbon Reports with the PTV xRoute Server. This topic is divided into two parts. In this post the carbon reporting is shown for the comprehensive approach.…

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  • Blog Series Emissions #2 Carbon Calculation

    In our last post we emphasized the importance of carbon reduction. Now, we dive into carbon calculation and go further into details of emission data standards and approaches. The described possibilities of emission calculation are available with PTV xServer.…

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