• PTV’s quantum jump – the new PTV xServer Cookbook

    Dear all,

    today, we are proudly announcing the new tutorial for PTV xServer

    PTV xServer Cookbook (direct link or on Developer Zone)

    which should be the entry for any developer. This html manual is divided in following sections:

    • Basic information: General technical documentation, programming topics and miscellaneous.

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  • Migration Guide PTV xSequence Server

    As PTV customer you have access to our migration guide describing how to migrate from PTV xSequence to PTV xTour Server.

    As the PTV xSequence Server is discontinued on 01.05.2013 (see blog post) we recommend to execute the necessary steps as soon as possible.…

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  • The completely new way of discovering PTV xServers

    [Edit: 27.9.2012: Updated JSON API blog article]

    (The following article refers to the Code Sample Browser on the 
    Developer Zone website and was provided by Matthias David, developer 
    Logistics Components Server. Thank you!)



    With the code sample browser, PTV has created a new way of discovering PTV xServers.…

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  • How do I get a suggestion list of addresses very quickly?

    Free webinar: PTV xLocate Server 1.14

    Date: Tuesday, March 13, 2012

    Time: 15:00 – 16:00 CET

    Moderators: Dr. Michael Nutto and Christian Jung

    The entry level session will cover the following topics:

    • How to use auto completion in your environment?
    • Technical system conditions.

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  • Important Note for PTV MapServer customers

    For customers using toll data with PTV MapServer 5.6 and higher a new document is available. It’s very important to read the document before installing the toll data updates!

    As PTV MapServer customer you have access to the document on the PTV Developer Zone.…

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  • Update: migration guide PTV xTour Server 1.14

    The migration guide was updated today – we (ok, Matthias did it) added chapter “1.5 LogisticPoint“.

    As PTV customer you have access to the migration guide on the PTV Developer Zone. Go to “Develop & Update”, enter your login data and access the “Docuemts” area.…

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