• PTV xServer internet at Eastern Asia Region

    From the beginning PTV xServer internet provides geographic services for Europe, North America and Australia. Now PTV xServer internet also makes geographic services available for China and Japan.

    Start immediately and use PTV xServer internet to find a location or address in China and Japan.…

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  • PTV Navigator for Android™ with eMobility Features

    New special eMobility functions have been developed as part of the iZEUS (www.izeus.de) research project and are currently being thoroughly tested and further developed in a fleet test. The eMobility features offer excellent range calculation and helpful assistance systems for electric vehicles.…

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  • How to combine Navigation with PTV xRoute Server

    Dear all,

    PTV provides a new BCR converter which is ready for download.

    How to use the BCR converter?

    “The BCR converter is an easy to use Java class library to convert a route calculated by PTV xRoute Server into a string in BCR format. This file is integratable for guided navigation in your BCR capable mobile device.…

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  • Presentation: PTV xServer meets Guided Navigation

    The presentation of our “PTV xServer meets Guided Navigation” webinar is available for download here. If you want to access documents and samples of past sessions, you need to have a login.

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  • Guided Navigation opens doors

    Guided Navigation for trucks, bus services and for offroad routes opens doors and makes process integration easier and simpler.

    Join our next free webinar on 13. December 2012 and learn about:

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    • Guided Navigation onroad and offroad
    • New Silent Via Point concept
    • Java program for creating BCR
    • Create routes with PTV xRoute Server
    • Export a route as BCR file

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  • PTV xRoute Server –
    Use BCR string for guided navigation

    For those who use the PTV xRoute Server and in addition to that a mobile navigation device capable to handle the BCR format the missing link is now available.

    The BCR Converter is an easy to use Java class library to convert a route calculated by PTV xRoute Server into a string in BCR format.…

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