• Toll update (2019_07) Slovenia, Czech Republic and Poland available

    This scenario contains the current toll charges on the basis of the last available tariffs valid from 06 February, 2018. Toll charges apply to trucks from a gross vehicle volume of more than 3.5 t. Discounts for vehicles with emission category EURO IV and higher, which are granted for payment by electronic media, are incorporated as well.…

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  • PTV xServer API Version 2.10 is now available!

    We proudly present our new PTV xServer API Version 210 Release. For details about the services you  find the corresponding release notes here.

    Here are some feature highlights of API Version 2.10:

    • xLocate
      • The query parameter ‘mapLanguage’ in the REST-API is no longer experimental
    • xMap
      • The query parameters ‘mapLanguage’ and ‘contentType’ in the REST-API are no longer experimental
      • The Feature Layer ‘PTV_TruckAttributes’ supports restrictions for vehicles with trailer exceeding a given length or width
      • The attribute ‘mappingProfile‘ has been renamed to ‘renderingProfile‘.

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  • New Static Speeds – FAQ PTV xServer

    What do I have to do to get the new map and speeds?

    The new speed values will be introduced with the Europe City Map 2019.1 from HERE and TomTom. If you receive the map via Download Link you will find a zip-file called “Profiles_xServer[VersionNumber]_DataVersion2.zip”. Within this file you can find the new profiles which should be used for the new maps.…

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  • Precise, accurate, reliable – new static speeds for better route calculation within PTV xServer

    Excellent maps – the basis for accurate route calculation (image: istock sturti)

    In logistics, every kilometre and every minute counts. Inaccuracies in calculating routes, no matter how small, sum up and can cause high costs in the end. Accuracy is therefore key.…

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