• PTV xServer 1.17 – soon the time will come ….

    Next week we will release information concerning the features to come with the PTV xServer 1.17 version, that is expected for mid September – latest 🙂


    As of the upcoming release we offer a free webinar on September 11, 2013, for all interested parties, covering the following topics:

    • New framework 1.17
    • New design „Code Sample Browser“
    • New PTV xRoute features (UPM, Feature Layer, Ecotaxe and Driver Regulations)
    • PTV xDima Server with „High Performance Routing“
    • PTV xTour Server: “Plan overnight tours” and “take product incompatibilities into account?”

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  • Hot and greasy – PTV xServer 1.17 beta

    Dear all,

    we have recently released the beta version of PTV xServer 1.17. We kindly ask you to download the software at the Developer Zone for testing purposes. Please notice that this area is restricted, therefore a login is required.

    Following new features are waiting for your approval:

    General New update and outfit of the PTV Code Sample Browser*
    PTV xLocate Server Specify population as new parameter by using findLocation() for an approximate search.

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  • Keep PTV xServer rolling

    Dear users,

    please download the current PTV xServer (login is required). Following changes are integrated (affects version

    • PTV xLocate: Fixed detailLevelDescription for long postalcodes
    • PTV xRoute: Fixed toll calculation on Tauern motorway.

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