• Basic Toll Update Hungary

    Hungary 2024

    This scenario contains the distance-based truck toll in Hungary effective January 1, 2024. 25/2013. (V. 31.). The provision applies to
    all trucks in excess of 3.5 tons, on motorways and other major transport routes.
    Cost is calculated based on the number of axles, the
    environmental emission class, and the CO2 emission class 1, plus air and noise pollution tax.…

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  • Basic Toll Update Belgium

    Belgium 2024

    686km of new toll roads in Flanders, valid from 01.01.2024

    This scenario includes the toll charges for trucks from a maximum authorised mass over 3.5 t in the three Belgian regions: Wallonia,
    Flanders and Brussels.

    The newest scenario contains 686km of new toll roads in Flanders.

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