• Discover the new release of our PTV xServer family 1.20

    PTV proudly presents the new version of PTV xServer family.   Our established and new PTV xServer are available for download from our Developer Zone now. (login is required)


    • PTV xLocate Server
    • PTV xMap Server
    • PTV xMapmatch Server
    • PTV xRoute Server
    • PTV xTour Server
    • PTV xDima Server
    • PTV xCluster Server
    • PTV xLoad Server NEW
    • PTV xTerritory Server NEW
    • PTV xServer Bundle

    Together with the 1.20 release two brand new PTV xServer are available:

    PTV xTerritory Server for Cluster Planning
    PTV xTerritory Server allows you to plan and change territories and territory centres based on locations.…

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