Use your own xMap Rendering Styles with PTV xServer .NET

  • Create your own rendering configuration (e.g. myRender.ini). You find the description of the format in the PTV xMap Server documenation
  • Copy the and rename it (e.g.
  • Change the entry for the rendering profile in this file, (e.g. map.profile=myRender.ini)
  • In PTV xServer .NET right after initialization of the map you can set this profile as custom profile
((map.Layers["Background"] as TiledLayer).TiledProvider as 
XMapTiledProvider).CustomProfile = "ajax-bg-myprofile";

Currently you can set the custom configuration only once right after the initialization but you cannot change it afterwards because the profile name has to be considered for the tile cache then. We’ll change this behavior for the next release, so you can change the profiles at runtime like in the sample we provide here.



Download :

For any questions please contact the PTV xServer Support Team.