• Monitoring trips in real-time – last part of the report

    In yesterday’s article we informed about authentication and billing – and you got code, code, code …

    What’s the great thing about this approach?

    Our API is process-agnostic concerning your own tool chain and logistics processes.…

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  • Real-time sequel: A report from the source

    In yesterday’s article we introduced how PTV Drive&Arrive is working. Let’s dive into today’s topic:

    What about authentication and billing?

    You pay per trip. We count the number of trips and bill you accordingly. As we have to make sure that you are allowed to create a trip in our system for monitoring and in order to identify you, you need a so called “Token”.…

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  • A report from the source: Monitoring trips in real-time

    You certainly know what an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is. And you thought about how great it would be to share your ETA in real-time with other people. Then, we have a solution for you: PTV Drive&Arrive – it enables you to monitor a trip in real-time concerning the ETA at all the stops.…

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  • You got a job to do?

    You are using the PTV xServer with really long running requests? Like PTV xTour requests with lots of depots and orders? Or you are doing bulk address calculations with PTV xLocate? Well, then this blog post is for you!

    Take a simple (but long running) request :

    Plan plan = client.planBasicTours(transportOrders,…

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  • Profile Converter: A helpful tool for PTV xRoute Server

    Dear all,

    PTV provides a technical video “how to convert your individual profiles when updating PTV xServer from versions previous to 1.17″. Please, watch this video and get familiar with the new XML profiles. This might be important to convert user specific routing profiles.…

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  • Build Your Custom Styleable Map Markers

    The result is an object which can be dynamically scaled and colored.

    PTV xServer .NET comes with a bunch of predefined symbols which are styleable.

    Styleable means that you can set the color and size at runtime. This is very useful to create thematic maps.…

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