Monitoring trips in real-time – last part of the report

In yesterday’s article we informed about authentication and billing – and you got code, code, code …

What’s the great thing about this approach?

Our API is process-agnostic concerning your own tool chain and logistics processes. For example, it doesn’t matter where the positioning event comes from: directly from a mobile device, via a Fleet Management System or from a desktop client like a Travel Management or Tour Planning System. You are free to choose the best way how to integrate PTV Drive&Arrive in your existing architecture. Of course, creating a trip should take place where the trip was created, i.e. where the Token owner is located.

With this approach, you are able to get an integrated ETA ( = Estimated Time of Arrival) management for a fleet even if it uses different types of telematic systems and other different tools among all the stakeholders of the transport chain.

How can I test PTV Drive&Arrive without implementing anything?

We will provide a web portal for demo purposes during the next weeks. It enables you to create trips for free. In addition, you can find an iOS and an Android app that is able to send positions to PTV Drive&Arrive for a given SCEMID (no navigation, no map, simply sending positions and displaying ETA).

Please have a look at our online documentation at where you can find demo capabilities for developers, a detailled API description and some code samples. This is also the URL for the API end points!

If you have an further technical questions, do not hesitate to contact our technical support at .

By Christian Mähler

Director Logistics Transportation Route Planning