A report from the source: Monitoring trips in real-time

You certainly know what an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is. And you thought about how great it would be to share your ETA in real-time with other people. Then, we have a solution for you: PTV Drive&Arrive – it enables you to monitor a trip in real-time concerning the ETA at all the stops. In addition, you can share this information easily among the whole transport chain in order to inform the shipper, your boss, the driver, the dock, the destination, who ever about the ETA in real-time.

How is PTV Drive&Arrive working?

The basic principle is quite straightforward:

  1. You create your trip in PTV Drive&Arrive. The trip consists of your stops with time windows, a vehicle type and some driver information about break and rest timesdave_beispiel_create_trip_SCEMID
  2. You get back IDs for the trip and every stop in the trip. We call these IDs “SCEMID”
  3. With a stop SCEMID, you can do two things:
    1. Send real-time status information to our system, e.g. the position. We need the position in order to update the ETA regularly
    2. Subscribe to notification per SCEMID. This enables you to distribute the SCEMIDs stop-wise so that every stop in your tour can see only the ETA that is related to it.dave_beispiel_optionen_position_senden

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? All this is provided by a simple RESTful JSON API, you can find here: https://driveandarrive-v1.cloud.ptvgroup.com/

We don’t want to flood you with information 🙂  Our tomorrow’s article is about authentication and billing – and you will get code, code, code. Don’t miss it!

By Christian Mähler

Director Logistics Transportation Route Planning