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As you may be aware of, the “green thing” is quite hot and in everybody’s mind. We believe, Green Logistics is not just a flash in the pan – it has become a permanent issue! Not only because EU regulations have introduced emission limits, but also because an increasing number of companies has assumed more responsibility. Organisations that want to promote and sustain their strong position in global competition cannot continue to just pay lip service. People ask for information, facts and figures – and they have every right to do so.

For us as a software-company with the focus on transportation, traffic and logistics the question is: Can we help developers and their customers to introduce and support Green Logistics? The answer is: Yes of course!

PTV provided its map&guide route planner with an integrated emissions calculator as early as in 2009. The route-related calculation of emissions is based on the so-called HBEFA 3.1 (http://www.hbefa.net/e/index.html), the standard reference of the Environmental Agencies in Europe

With the new release of the developer components we offer features to measure emissions according to numerous criteria either on a per-route or per-transport basis or for the complete transport operations of a company. This not only includes CO2 emissions but also numerous other air pollutants such as NOx, carbon monoxide etc.

Within map&guide we already went further and provide the opportunity to offset emissions and to enable carbon-neutral (green) transport services. Being an active player in the current development of emissions calculation standards in road freight transport (DIN/CEN), we are more than confident, that our calculation method already today does what the upcoming European standard will require parties to do as of 2012.

The developer components (or more exactly PTV xRoute Server in combination with our content emissions calculation) enable you to calculate qualified emissions and purchase compensation certificates ahead of transportation. Thus, our developer components can be used as a basis to provide real carbon neutral transportation.

Just as a final note: Calculation of emission is an interesting and prospective topic but the last month has proven the need for support during implementation. So if you are interested in the usage of emission calculation within the developer components, don’t hesitate to contact your account manager, write to developer@ptv.de or leave a comment on this post for me directly.

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By Martina Beck

Martina Beck has been working for PTV since 2000. As certified computer scientist she was originally responsible for providing customers with technical support and she later moved on to the Product Management division. Since 2011 she has been working for PTV as an online marketing manager in international marketing with an emphasis on social media (et al. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube). The PTV Developer Blog is the PTV Developer Components' lead channel. The posts on important topics and trends originate from close cooperation with developers, the product management and other experts.


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    great to see that you´re interested in the emission service. I would recommend to contact your ptv sales rep, or if you want to go ahead more directly: Pls. let me know your contacts, we will call you back asap.



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