Use traffic incidents for PTV xServer

Dear all,

PTV xServer add-onproduct management proudly presents the newest version of “Traffic Info Loader” (3.0).

Following traffic information are provided by PTV (license is required, please contact your sales partner):

Possible values using Navteq maps

  • NAVTEQ-AT for Austria
  • NAVTEQ-DE for Germany
  • NAVTEQ-DK for Denmark
  • NAVTEQ-SE for Sweden
  • NAVTEQ-NO for Norway
  • NAVTEQ-FI for Finland
  • NAVTEQ-CH for Switzerland
  • NAVTEQ-FR for France
  • NAVTEQ-BE for Belgium
  • NAVTEQ-NL for Netherlands
  • NAVTEQ-IT for Italy
  • NAVTEQ-LU for Luxembourg
  • NAVTEQ-GB for Great Britain
  • NAVTEQ-PL for Poland
Possible values using TomTom maps:

  • TOMTOM-AT for Austria
  • TOMTOM-BE for Belgium
  • TOMTOM-CH for Switzerland
  • TOMTOM-CZ for Czech Republic
  • TOMTOM-DE for Germany
  • TOMTOM-DK for Denmark
  • TOMTOM-ES for Spain
  • TOMTOM-FI for Finland
  • TOMTOM-FR for France
  • TOMTOM-GB for Great Britain
  • TOMTOM-IE for Ireland
  • TOMTOM-IT for Italy
  • TOMTOM-LU for Luxembourg
  • TOMTOM-NL for Netherlands
  • TOMTOM-NO for Norway
  • TOMTOM-PL for Poland
  • TOMTOM-PT for Portugal
  • TOMTOM-SE for Sweden

What kind of improvements can you expect?

  • OGC Standard is implemented which supports download of traffic messages via WebFeatureService
  • Duplicated messages are recognized and modified

Do I have to notice something during the update?

  • Database schema changed – cf. file “TrafficInfo_table.sql”: Existing TrafficInfo table  should be removed. Use the importer to create a valid new TrafficInfo table. Otherwise an exception will be thrown. Please notice the CHANGELOG.txt which is added to the plugin.
  • Updated list of supported providers for Navteq and TomTom: A full set of TomTom providers needs potentially more heap memory than configured by default. If running  on xRoute raise parameters for heap memory in wrapper.conf to at least 160 (MB).

Where do I get the add-on Traffic Info Loader 3.0?

This plugin is yet available at PTV’s Developer Zone. Please notice that your login is required otherwise you cannot reach the file for download.

Any further question? Please don’t hesitate to contact our PTV xServer support.

Kind regards from Karlsruhe,

Dr. Michael Nutto

Product Management PTV xServer

By Dr. Michael Nutto

Solution Director for PTV xServer. Responsible for the strategy of PTV xServer. I'd like to discuss market trends and requirements with our partners and end customers. Therefore, feel free to contact me about my published blogs.