• Announcement of discontinuation PTV xServer 1.14 and add-ons

    We would like to let you know that PTV GROUP will be discontinuing the PTV xServer version 1.14 and various versions of add-ons (as listed below) on 01/04/2015. From then onwards, we will no longer provide updates and support for these versions. Please notice that new versions are ready for download at the Customer Area (login is required).…

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  • Amendment: Dynamic Traffic Information of HERE (Poland, Norway)

    PTVs provider for Dynamic Traffic Information HERE (formerly NAVTEQ) informed us in very short time frame that they will change the Traffic Feed for POL and NOR. They will discontinue the current feeds for these countries 1st of January 2014. This change will be effective 30th  December at PTVs traffic platforms.…

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  • Use traffic incidents for PTV xServer

    Dear all,

    product management proudly presents the newest version of “Traffic Info Loader” (3.0).

    Following traffic information are provided by PTV (license is required, please contact your sales partner):

    Possible values using Navteq maps
    • NAVTEQ-AT for Austria
    • NAVTEQ-DE for Germany
    • NAVTEQ-DK for Denmark
    • NAVTEQ-SE for Sweden
    • NAVTEQ-NO for Norway
    • NAVTEQ-FI for Finland
    • NAVTEQ-CH for Switzerland
    • NAVTEQ-FR for France
    • NAVTEQ-BE for Belgium
    • NAVTEQ-NL for Netherlands
    • NAVTEQ-IT for Italy
    • NAVTEQ-LU for Luxembourg
    • NAVTEQ-GB for Great Britain
    • NAVTEQ-PL for Poland
    Possible values using TomTom maps:
    • TOMTOM-AT for Austria
    • TOMTOM-BE for Belgium
    • TOMTOM-CH for Switzerland
    • TOMTOM-CZ for Czech Republic
    • TOMTOM-DE for Germany
    • TOMTOM-DK for Denmark
    • TOMTOM-ES for Spain
    • TOMTOM-FI for Finland
    • TOMTOM-FR for France
    • TOMTOM-GB for Great Britain
    • TOMTOM-IE for Ireland
    • TOMTOM-IT for Italy
    • TOMTOM-LU for Luxembourg
    • TOMTOM-NL for Netherlands
    • TOMTOM-NO for Norway
    • TOMTOM-PL for Poland
    • TOMTOM-PT for Portugal
    • TOMTOM-SE for Sweden

    What kind of improvements can you expect?

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  • Update: Traffic Patterns for PTV xServer

    We just uploaded PTV xServer Traffic Patterns data for PTV Europe City Map Premium 2013.1aN and 1aT. To download the data, please visit the PTV Developer Zone download area, section “Product Download/Content”.

    Also an updated version of the PTV xServer Traffic Patterns Installation Guide is available (PTV Developer Zone download area, section “Product Download xServer/Documents”).…

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  • You need to be strong
    for what lies ahead

    • We released the PTV xServer 1.16 version this week.
    • We updated the API
    • We updated the Technical Documentation.

    … and on top of it all we updated the following
    PTV xServer add-ons this morning

    • PTV AJAX Maps
      Displaying digital maps, Various map interactions (zooming, panning, scrolling etc.),

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  • Traffic Info Loader update available

    In order to use the Dynamic Traffic Information the so called Traffic Info Loader (TIL) has to be installed before. Today we updated to Traffic Info Loader version 2.0.3.

    To download the new version please visit the PTV Developer Zone. As registered customer go to the customer area, enter your login data and access the PTV xServer download area.…

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