Get the special World Cup Champion Profile!

What a great World Cup final!

Raise your flag for the World Cup Champion 2014: With the special PTV xServer World Cup’s rendering profile you can change the colors of your traffic flow to BLACK RED  and GOLD!

Because if you make it like a champion – you will always reach your GOAL :-)!

Traffic Patterns

With the specific FeatureLayer-theme “TrafficPatterns”, the historical traffic information is displayed as Level of Service (LOS) at a user-specific reference time usually defined in the colors red (high traffic) orange (medium traffic) and green (low traffic). With the special rendering profile (wm.xml) the colors are changed to black red and gold to visualize the optimum! At certain traffic situations, you will obtain the German flag.


Technical details: To use this new rendering profile the following steps have to be done.

  1. The specific World Cup XML profile has to be copied into the directory <root_path>/xmap/conf/profiles and renamed to default.xml
  2. Activation of TrafficPatterns rendering profile by adding two additional parameters in the request (The complete request is listed in the RawRequestRummer running the PTV xMap Server
    1. The reference time:  “referenceTime” = “2014-01-05T08:00:00+02:00”
    2. The XML snippet: “… <GlobalSettings enableTimeDependency=\”true\”/> <Themes> <Theme enabled=\”true\” id=\”PTV_SpeedPatterns\”/>…”

Please, try it!

Kind regards from Karlsruhe,

Dr. Michael Nutto


By Dr. Michael Nutto

Solution Director for PTV xServer. Responsible for the strategy of PTV xServer. I'd like to discuss market trends and requirements with our partners and end customers. Therefore, feel free to contact me about my published blogs.