Interactive map applications with PTV xServer .NET

PTV xServer .NET is an SDK which adds xServer functionality to .NET PTV_Mapserverclient applications. The new version of the PTV xServer .NET SDK 1.3 comes along with additional controls, improved Visual Studio integration and enhanced demo use cases.

Highlights of the SDK update 1.3:

  • PTV xServer .NET is ready for PTV xServer Internet: The map controls can now access PTV xServer Internet, which is provided via Azure currently.
  • A new layer with the HERE Satellite View
  • Also WPF Map controls can be included in the toolbox of Visual Studio
  • Extensions of the PTV xServer .NET Demo Center which illustrate PTV xServer use cases: Tour planning scenarios, drag & drop routing, enhanced selection mechanism for geographical objects, extension of the shape layer including complex WPF controls

For a first glance start our Demo Center and test the new use cases:


The PTV xServer .NET Demo Center is part of a full-featured SDK which provides the Demo Center’s source along with other components and samples. More information on PTV xServer .NET can be found here.

A test version of the SDK is available for download via DevZone. Please notice that you have to register online via PTV Support form to achieve access to PTV’s customer area.

By Hannah Esswein

Technical Product Manager for PTV xServer