• Interactive map applications with PTV xServer .NET

    PTV xServer .NET is an SDK which adds xServer functionality to .NET client applications. The new version of the PTV xServer .NET SDK 1.3 comes along with additional controls, improved Visual Studio integration and enhanced demo use cases.

    Highlights of the SDK update 1.3:

    • PTV xServer .NET

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  • Howto create your own webservice clients for PTV xServers

    Some time ago the PTV xServer development team was asked whether it was possible to create a web service client without our provided java clients and the bundled cxf framework.
    The simple answer is: Yes! Those who would like to take the adventure and try it themselves should read on…

    What you need for this

    The prerequisites for this little sample are the following:

    • A JDK 6, or newer,
    • A Maven2 or Maven3 installation,
    • PTV xRoute Server (the sample runs with xRoute 1.16 but it should work with older versions too)

    Create a Maven project

    First of all we create a new directory and set up a Maven project file named pom.xml

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  • Update: PTV xTour Server

    We have recently released a new PTV xTour Server. Some minor bugs were fixed. Please download the following PTV xServer (login to Customer Area is required):

    • PTV xTour Server

    Please remember to download the new client bundle according to the server version!…

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  • Next Updated test client available

    Today we updated the PTV xRoute test client on PTV Developer Zone.

    The updated test client demonstrates international toll calculation. The free download is available for customer of PTV xServer. Please visit PTV xServer customer area, log in and go to PTV xServer Test Clients page.…

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  • xCluster goes 1.14

    Version of PTV xCluster Server is available for download.

    For further information please check the release notes.

    Please remember to download the new client bundle according to the server version!

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  • The completely new way of discovering PTV xServers

    [Edit: 27.9.2012: Updated JSON API blog article]

    (The following article refers to the Code Sample Browser on the 
    Developer Zone website and was provided by Matthias David, developer 
    Logistics Components Server. Thank you!)



    With the code sample browser, PTV has created a new way of discovering PTV xServers.…

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