Plan and optimize your clusters

xTerritory_Server_400x200Optimal territories play a very important role in the management of sales representatives and service technicians, the planning of warehouse locations and their delivery areas as well as delivery planning.

PTV xTerritory Server is designed to process big amounts of data and to plan and optimize territories and territory centres based on locations. Locations can be customer addresses, postcode areas, warehouse or sales representative locations.

You can plan new territories from scratch, re-assign existing locations to territory centres or improve an existing territory structure. Simple territory planning with PTV xTerritory server offers a range of possibilities:


  • Planning balanced territories e.g. according to revenue potential, number of households.
  • Creating territories which are geographically compact, based on actual kilometers of road and travel times, to reduce travel time and maximize time with the customer.
  • Quick simulation of various planning scenarios (“What would happen if” cases).

In some cases, it is important to consider relationships that should remain unaltered. The planning algorithm allows you to define existing unalterable assignments between territories and locations. This ensures e.g. that established relationships between customers (locations) and sales representatives (territory centres) will be kept.

Another option is predefining groups of locations prior to territory planning to keep them together during the planning process. Grouping locations can be useful e.g., when customers with the same postcode should always be visited from the same field manager.

Get an first impression by unsing our demo in the Code Sample Browser. If you need further information have a look at the use case on our Website or contact our product support about technical questions. PTV xTerritory Server is available for download in ourĀ Customer Area via PTV Developer Zone (login is required).

By Isabel Honikel

Senior Technical Product Manager