Use the correct configuration for feature layers using PTV xServer 1.20

Make sure you use the correct propertyConnector file for PTV xServer 1.20. In case you want to use the Feature Layer Preferred Routes with our brandnew PTV xServer 1.20, you have to update your propertyConnector file to the latest version 3: propertyConnectorV003.xml.

The file has to be placed in the map root directory in Test_environment_80s80parallel with the geo-folder, e.g. under ..\PTV_Europe_City_Map_Premium_2015_1H\detailedmap parallel to the “eur”-folder.

The feature layer data Preferred Routes, which is available for download in the Customer Area, is updated and already contains the latest propertyConnector. So if you unzip the feature layer data in the map folder as you used to do, the correct file is used automatically. If you only need the propertyConnector file, it can be downloaded on the DevZone in the Patches area.

Please notice that PTV recommends to keep prior versions of the file in the directory, if they are already positioned there.

Forum_80x80The propertyConnector is an XML file, which connects properties of the feature layers to their corresponding keys in the routing profile. It is not necessary and not recommended to make any customer changes on this file! A single propertyConnector file describes the mapping for all the layers in its folder, therefore you only need one file. Together with PTV xServer 1.20 a versioning of the connector is introduced to distinguish between different versions of the file. Previous PTV xServer versions work with the unversioned file  propertyConnector.xml.

If you need further information or support please contact the Support Team.

By Hannah Esswein

Technical Product Manager for PTV xServer