Feature Layer PTV Truck Attributes available

PTV_TruckAttributesOur new Feature Layer “PTV Truck Attributes” is now released for PTV xServer 1.20. It is available for following maps:

  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2015.1T
  • PTV Europe City Map Premium 2015.1H

Here is all you need to know to get started:

What is it?

Feature Layer add additional routing network and rendering attributes to a map. The PTV_featurelayerTruckAttributes layer contains restrictions for extraordinary vehicles like maximum height, maximum weight, delivery zones, restricted zones for hazardous load etc. These restrictions are stored for single route segments and are respected in the routing result and can be visiualized on the map.

What do I need to use it?

  • PTV xServer 1.20
  • License: Each Feature Layer theme must be licensed seperately and for each PTV xServer
  • Installation of Feature Layer PTV_TruckAttributes (should be corresponding to map version => usage of map PTV Europe City Map Premium 2015.1T or 2015.1H)

Where can I get it?

The Feature Layer can be downloaded from the customer area of the PTV Developer Zone (login required). If you need further information or support please contact the Support Team.

Where can I find information?

By Hannah Esswein

Technical Product Manager for PTV xServer