Update your data with the PTV Content Update Service

PTV_X-Server_Add-ons_80x80You may have heard about our PTV Content Update Service or you may know it from your toll updates. With our new feature layer PTV_TrafficIncidents the service will gain in importance. So here you can find some questions and answers which should help you to understand and use the update service.

What is the PTV Content Update Service?

With the PTV Content Update Service you are able to download new data content automatically. The data is provided on the PTV Layer Delivery Server, can be accessed by the PTV Content Update Service and will be integrated in your PTV xServer:


You can choose between a polling mechanism or a subscription mechanism to update your data. Several PTV xServer can use one update service together.

Which data is available for which PTV xServer?

The update service is available for PTV xRoute and PTV xMap server and provides toll updates and data for our brand new feature layer traffic incidents.

PTV xServer Toll Updates Feature Layer PTV_TrafficIncidents
PTV xRoute since version 1.16.1 since version 1.20.0
PTV xMap since version 1.20.0

Why should I use the PTV Content Update Service?

  • You automatically receive updated data without downloading it manually
  • You can configure the update mechanism as you please
  • You can benefit of the convenient handling of data versions and deletion of not used data

How do I get the PTV Content Update Service?

The update service is a plugin for the PTV xServer and is installed as webapp. The PTV xRoute versions 1.16. to 1.18 already contain the PTV Content Update Service. It is deactivated by default -so you have to activate it in the configuration. Since version 1.20 the update service is delivered as seperated artefact and can be downloaded from the customer area of the PTV Developer Zone

How can I setup and configure the PTV Content Update Service?

In the PTV xServer Manual you can find a detailled description of the setup and configuration of the PTV Content Update Service.

If you need further information or support please contact the Support Team.

By Hannah Esswein

Technical Product Manager for PTV xServer