World City Map released for PTV xServer Internet!

The PTV World City Map 2015T is now available for PTV xServer Internet and it includes this several features:

  • Geocoding: Multi Field Search with Country Code is recommended.weltkarte
  • Mapping: Rendering of Feature Layer Themes depending on the availability in the respective region.
  • Routing: Intercontinental routing is possible between Europe, Middle East and Africa. Further intercontinental and continental routing will be possible as provider connections are present.
  • Trip Planning: Continental Trip planning.
  • Map Matching: Continental Mapmatching.

PTV_xServer_internet_80x80Important!: Please note that this is a test system and you have to use the test URLs. To use the production system please contact your sales contact partner.

Detailed information and technical details about this map cluster and all the other different map clusters we provide can be found at the PTV xServer Internet Developer Guide.